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calmtomb: I'm maybe halfway through Stephen King's Fairy Tale. Honestly, the best part was the opening chapters. KOKO is amazing. The whole Blue Rose trilogy is fantastic. Jan 14, 2023 16:50:03 GMT
melany: I'm about to start Cinema Speculation by Quentin Tarantino Jan 15, 2023 23:26:07 GMT
danielkraus: I have no idea what a "Shoutbox" is but I will add to the chorus of Straub's Blue Rose books -- a series that towers over most others. Jan 18, 2023 15:09:37 GMT
Rebecca: Just read Straub's collection, Interior Darkness, my first experience with his writing. I found the stories brilliant and disturbing. Often humorous. I'll try KOKO next. Jan 19, 2023 17:15:10 GMT
Jodhiay: Happy Birthday to one of my birthday twins, Edgar Allan Poe! Jan 19, 2023 23:34:55 GMT
HeddaGabler: A happy birthday to you Jodhiay! Jan 21, 2023 5:24:06 GMT
Jodhiay: Thank you, ! Jan 21, 2023 23:06:21 GMT
thomasrclark: I should really come around here more often Jan 22, 2023 17:27:43 GMT
reggielutz: Snow is happening. (cries in icicles) Jan 23, 2023 23:32:17 GMT
quilly14: I caught the crud. Not the COVID kind, thankfully. Day off gave me time to get some reading done, at least! Jan 25, 2023 3:26:10 GMT
carefulken: Please try my video in the Movies and Television post that starts, >:D the US has been warned. I could use some support. And It is a Knock your socks off music video and lots more. Jan 25, 2023 3:41:45 GMT
Carver Pike: It's so quiet in here. Hello everybody! Feb 2, 2023 20:40:43 GMT
Carver Pike: One of our cats is in heat. So there I was trying to do my day job, recording a voice-over for a tech support training video, and she was in the background whining and moaning. It doesn't matter where in the house I put her. She comes across on the video. Feb 2, 2023 20:59:44 GMT
Carver Pike: Just some TMI for you today. Feb 2, 2023 21:00:26 GMT
Carver Pike: I need to soundproof my office. It's one of the reasons I've put off narrating my own audiobooks. Feb 2, 2023 21:01:55 GMT
Carver Pike: Speaking of Shoutbox, what's your favorite thing to shout? Me? I like to randomly ask, "What's this?" Then I'll pick up whatever the item is, like if it's pickles in the fridge, I'll turn it into the song from A Nightmare Before Christmas. Like... Feb 2, 2023 21:29:59 GMT
Carver Pike: "What's this? What's this? There's pickles everywhere. What's this? There's mayo over there. What's this? There's ham and yes there's cheese and oh, yes, I must be dreaming. Oh, what's this?" I'm butchering the song but you get the point. Feb 2, 2023 21:31:06 GMT
Carver Pike: Ok, I've failed at getting this shoutbox thing going. I'm gonna go back to writing my road trip horror story. Talk to you all later! Feb 2, 2023 21:31:35 GMT
reggielutz: Listen, we can't shout back when our minds are so busy turning a ham and cheese sandwich into an epic, animated musical number. (Also I want to do this the next time I have to eat Ramen Noodles for dinner.) Feb 2, 2023 21:41:44 GMT
melany: I've been sneaking up on the Night shift nurses and CNAs and shouting BOO a lot with limited success in scaring them Feb 3, 2023 0:26:34 GMT
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